Aerice have been involved in many complex change programmes and have witnessed first hand what makes a successful outsource.

We use our own Outsourcing methodology which we have developed after years of experience, which ensures your organisation does not suffer the usual pitfalls often associated with failed outsource programmes.

One learns more from an unsuccessful programme and these learnings, provided by others, are what has underpinned the Aerice offering – it is by being involved in these failing programmes run by others which has provided great awareness and foresight which has meant that Aerice has a list of successful handovers on its books.

A successful outsource partnering will provide sustainability to ensure your business can continue to focus on the core business offering and build strength knowing that non-core business functions are stable and scalable only requiring review and oversight.

Outline of Proposition

We refer to outsourcing as being a handover, you have taken the decision to handover a business function(s) to a third party. Many organisations struggle with a handover of operations or processing for a variety of reasons. Very often an outsource, can be a “them and us” or acrimonious activity. Building a team atmosphere, defining shared goals through open communications, non-drip fed next steps, through an open and honest dialogue at each stage of a handover are paramount to any successful outcome.

Our approach encompasses this and all of our learnings and experience into a five stage model to ensure your business drivers for any outsource are both achievable and released: Due-Diligence, Cohesion, Stabilise, Decouple, Implement.

Although most clients select us to assist with the entire outsource project, we can be involved in individual components based on our approach.  This approach ensures that your business drivers for the outsource are realised and scalable within a harmonious relationship between the parties concerned and are future proofed to ensure that they complement your direction and future business vision.

Creating a successful relationship with your outsource partner is key to ensure that your business can continue to grow through emphasised focus on your core business activities, safe in the knowledge that your day to day processing is covered in a sustainable manner acting as a business growth enabler and not a disabler.  Our Due-Diligence component focuses on “right fit” for your organisation, with the recent regulatory landscape placing onus on you the client to ensure regulatory compliance it is more important than ever that your partner is the perfect fit.

Our unique approach ensures you get the right results swiftly and in a sustainable manner.  Please get in touch to find out more or to arrange an initial conversation.


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