Insurance companies are witnessing change to their landscape never seen before.  Regulation, Economic (e.g Brexit), Cyber and the connected world and associated technological advancements mean that customers and institutions are demanding more from their insurers.

As such, insurance companies are being forced to change and adapt frequently and at a lightning pace.

Insurers today must balance the dual pressures of improving customer service and reducing costs. At a time of low investment returns and high levels of competition, their margins are under intense pressure. For many insurers, this hinges on how well they embrace a digital future.

Calling on many years of insurance experience means Aerice are able to assist Insurance providers across multiple insurance offerings.  We understand the challenges but also the opportunities facing the Insurance industry and possess the knowledge and experience of delivering substantial change programmes across the industry. We have significant experience in and across the entire Insurance market, covering General Insurance, the London Markets, Brokers and Distribution.

We have assisted many organisations with their regulatory compliance, in one instance helping a client to realise £400M savings to the balance sheet.  With the introduction of new regulations like IFRS, IAIS’s, ICS and IDD mean the importance of using a tried and tested consultancy are as important as ever. We guide organisations through the myriad of requirements, rules and guidelines in order to bring a level of clarity and direction ensuring that achieving regulatory compliance is straightforward with as little fuss and spend as possible.

The Internet of Things and the connected world is never more relevant to the Insurance sector and we can provide guidance and thought leadership on any aspect of change including technology solutions.

We pride ourselves on being great listeners, being responsive and pragmatic, and challenging the status quo to deliver successful, sustainable change through a genuine “partnering” style of engagement. Our areas of expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Operating Strategy and Operating Model Design
  • Sales, Customer Service and Support Operations
  • Reinsurance Solutions
  • Claims Management Solutions and Diagnostics
  • Target Operating Model Definition and Transformation
  • Digital Strategy Definition and Execution
  • Critical Programme Mobilisation and Delivery
  • Process Re-engineering and Cost Reduction Delivery
  • Regulatory Programme Delivery
  • Core Product Platform Selection, Design, Build, Test and Implementation
  • Data Migration

We help our clients take advantage of emerging technologies, practices and disciplines that contribute to tangible results.  We help insurers develop digital strategies, improve their CRM and strengthen their customer-facing operations. We have expertise in replacing insurance systems, designing operating models, and developing business processes. We also help our clients address a fast-changing risk and regulatory environment.  We recognise that these clients need to embed cultural change to help them respond to a rapidly changing environment.

We can deploy individuals or teams that can work from the definition of a strategy, through to the testing and implementation of new products, capabilities, systems and target operating model.  In order for an Insurer to be flexible and move quickly to changing markets and gain a competitive edge means that they will want to deliver change as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  Our unique approach ensures you get the right results swiftly and in a sustainable manner.  Please get in touch to find out more or to arrange an initial conversation.

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