aerisk® is a fully integrated, cost-effective risk management system, delivering complete oversight of your organisation’s risk profile.

It’s never been more important for organisations to deliver…

… Risk Oversight Reporting

  • Show up to the minute single point standardised reporting of Risk status’ across your entire organisation, whether internal or external, business, operational, regulatory or economic.

… Risk Management Action Plans

  • Provide immediate and transparent reporting across all aspects of your organisation in order to prioritise resources, expenditure & action plans, delivering a truly Active Risk Management approach.

… Resilient Risk Management

  • Identify the key threats to your organisation and the robustness of any strategic mitigating risk controls, which are in place in order to support your set businesses risk profile.
  • aerisk® is available for an exceptionally low cost per user licence per month.
  • Fully integrated risk management system designed to meet all your organisations Risk and control management needs.
  • Cross Border, Cross business unit and able to support your organisation irrespective of staff numbers and physical locations.
  • A single platform to record and manage all your entire business, operational, and regulatory risks.
  • Provides real time reporting, enabling organisations to focus on their key risks, ensuring that mitigation is quickly expedited whilst reducing cost and resource wastage.
  • aerisk® is simple to use, ensuring quick adoption and high uptake rates throughout any organisation.
  • A fully hosted cloud based solution, delivered through a modular approach meaning it is quick and straightforward to implement.

aerisk® Functional Overview

  • A Joined-Up Approach

Fully integrated risk management across all aspects of the business delivered through a modular approach.

  • Company Structure

Supports any company or operational structure and enables management and reporting of defined risks for each entity or at a consolidated level.

  • Define Risks

A centralised point to define, categorize, register, and monitor all your operational, financial, regulatory or other risk and define ownership within the business.

  • Manage Threats

Ability to define and record all the threats that could impact the defined risks.

  • Monitor Controls

Ability to define and record the ownership of all controls in place to mitigate the defined threats and to record their effectiveness.

  • Incident Management

Provides a location to report all incidents which may result from control failures or assessment & audit findings and to record and monitor the remediation of these incidents.

  • Risk Assessments

Ability to record all risk assessments independently undertaken and to compare findings against business assessment of risks.

  • Executive Reporting

Transparent and fully integrated reporting which can generate reports to PDF or the data can be viewed on-line.

  • Audit Trail

Full audit trail capabilities for all activities, logging the user and the changes made.  Ability to store documentation and evidence within the application.

Interested in how aerisk® could innovate the way your organisation manages Risk?

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