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Asset Managers have many challenges, few of them being new.  Regulatory complexity, operational efficiency, risk management, market volatility and of course trying to build sustainable Growth at the same time.  Whilst the rest of the world ponders on new regulation and how best to interpret and implement across their organisations, Asset Managers have long had full time departments to ensure regulatory compliance is adhered to.

One could argue that they are better placed than other industries to deal with change and new regulation but this has to be achieved whilst adhering to or excelling across all areas.  With significant growth and ever more complexity within the Investment Management arena means greater risks.

Regulatory impacts through FATCA, SEC and EMIR and their associated rules governing greater levels of visibility, reporting, security and control make for a frenetic period of change for Asset Managers, especially in the light of Brexit.

Being able to call on many years of collective Asset Management expertise means that Aerice are well placed to assist your organisation through Regulatory, technology or process change effectively and quickly.  Platform flexibility continues to provide a headache for many Asset Managers, often requiring work arounds or expensive additions or patch upgrades.  Aerice work with some of the leading platform vendors in this space to ensure that we are able to provide, oversight, guidance and implementation services tailored to your individual organisation.

We never claim to know your business better than you, we do profess to have a unique level of expertise with many of our consultants having held senior roles within a variety of top Asset Management firms globally and having been responsible for Risk Management, Regulation, Implementation and Outsourcing projects.  Whether you are looking to disseminate the latest raft of regulatory impacts or better understand how your organisation can adapt platforms and processes already at its disposal we are able to help.

Our unique approach ensures you get the right results swiftly and in a sustainable manner.  Please get in touch to find out more or to arrange an initial conversation.

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