We have many years of experience working with organisations to successfully integrate new businesses, technology and processes in a cost effective, expedient manner using a unique approach that details the complexity of the integration activity.

Many organisations often focus their efforts and investment on identifying the merger/acquisition target and executing the detailed due diligence required to articulate a strategic case that is designed to maximise value.

Such endeavours fail to realise the full benefits of the integration due to a lack of planning and thought into the actual integration process and the related business as usual level of detail.  This tends to result in a longer integration exercise, adversely affecting the customer and costing more to the organisation.

We take an outcomes based approach to ensure you that post-integration you are left with a documented and sustainable set of processes and systems with everyone working to achieve the shared objectives.  Our unique due diligence approach covers critical elements beyond the usual financial analysis, relating to target operating model, technology, people and the actual integration itself.  The much needed integration planning activity details the activities required to deliver the integration objectives as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Outline of Proposition

We work with our clients providing advice, due diligence and implementation change support to accelerate the successful integration of business mergers/acquisitions, technology and processes.  We use a unique and detailed approach within the due diligence phase to assess the complexity of the integration and best deliver the integration outcomes required.

This provides the organisation with much needed and otherwise omitted detail that informs the organisation of the level of complexity of the integration and where the key areas of change are likely to be.

Based on the required outcomes and the integration objectives, our integration planning approach ensures all of the critical activities needed to deliver a complete people, process, technology and regulatory compliant operating model are captured and included in the plan, with ownership and accountabilities made clear from the outset.

We work with you to ensure this drives out the completion of the activities that matter most to you and contribute directly to your integration objectives.

Our unique approach ensures you get the right results swiftly and in a sustainable manner.  Please get in touch to find out more or to arrange an initial conversation.


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